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The Holy Transfiguration Monastery in Bombala exists and is open to the public for the spiritual and cultural edification for all pious Orthodox Christians and interested peoples. The monastery is listed as a Not-For-Profit organisation under the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) under the legal name of “The Holy Transfiguration Monastery of Bombala Incorporated” ABN 72897538479.

Holy Transfiguration Monastery does not charge any money for any of its facilities, food or services. We adhere to the Gospel’s message of total hospitality to whoever comes to our door. While the monastery currently is establishing a modest production of beeswax candles as part of making itself more self sustainable in the future, the monastery still relies upon the good will of pilgrims and well-wishers. Donating to the monastery will ensure the well being of not only the monastic community but also for the upkeep of its facilities, feeding & sheltering to all who come to our door, for the protection of its pristine environment and for nourishing all souls in a confusing and dark age.

In response to many peoples request to donate online to the Holy Transfiguration Monastery, we have created this Donations page to help facilitate their good will and support. While we feel uncomfortable that it is presumptuous to be asking publicly for donations in an age littered with online requests for money, we gratefully thank all donors for their support of the Holy Transfiguration Monastery's works and deeds.

This Donation page can also be used for the commemoration of Living and Departed names of family or friends.

Thank you and God bless
HTM Bombala

Please note that though at the end of the donation process through Paypal a receipt is generated automatically, the Holy Transfiguration Monastery in Bombala is not registered for Tax Deductible Gift Recipient. And as such, any donation to Holy Transfiguration Monastery in Bombala cannot be used for tax purposes.